Helping To Select A Dedicated Server

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So you have actually outgrown your shared host and it’s time now to move on to the real things.

Yes we are discussing dedicated servers, those byte crunching beasts. Figuring out all the options and services can be really complicated.

But No Worry!

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I will attempt and provide you some suggestions and hopefully guide to your ideal server.

So let’s not lose any time and begin with first section.

What is a Dedicated Server?
Committed Server is a single computer linked to a network (web). This computer system and all of it’s processing power is committed to a single person or company. Suggesting that the computer resources are not shared by anyone else. You have the full control of the maker and you are totally free to run any software application you desire on that computer.

Normally dedicated servers are used to serve web page demands (html, images, videos … etc) but they can be utilized for many other purposes too.

Do I need one or more servers?
To simplify things we will divide the use of dedicated servers into these 2 groups:

Complete Web site Hosting
Specific Service Hosting (Database, e-mail, httpd … etc).
Single Web site Hosting.
Hosting of a single or several web sites. In this sort of setup, all the services/programs (http software application, DB software, email software … etc) are installed and operating on one devoted server. In some cases these services/programs can likewise be referred as “servers” them self.
This is the common setup for small to medium trafficked website considering that all of the essential software application needed to run the web site are located on one physical device.

Benefit to of this setup is that it decreases the cost, however disadvantage is that all of the machine resources are shared by all of the software and procedures.

Particular Service Hosting.
Hosting of a single software application or service on it’s own dedicated device. All the resources on the machine are devoted primarily for one type of service or functionality. For example, one might host only Database Software application on the server so that all the resources on that maker are just dedicated for processing of Database Queries. You are able to handle more inquiries, or provide more pages.

Usually medium to high trafficked web sites will run this type of setup.

Standard setup will consist of several server that will only deal with web (http) request, then one or more servers only handling database requests and maybe one or more servers only managing processing of the e-mails. Theoretically there is no constraint on the quantity of servers. As a group collaborating these servers are utilized to process in millions of requests a day.

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